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Evolution of the Energy Performance Diagnostic (DPE)

Posted on 29/06/2022

Since July 2021, the method of calculating the DPE (Diagnosis of energy performance) has been thoroughly revised to simplify it and make it much more reliable. What information is counted and how will the classification of properties evolve?

The DPE is a document that will describe the energy characteristics of housing, its equipment for heating, hot water production, cooling and / or ventilation. The DPE is now composed of a single label made from the two we knew:

- The energy label, from green to red, which provides information on primary energy consumption (from A to G).
- The climate label, purple, which indicates the amount of greenhouse gases emitted (from A to G).

Beware, the new label will indicate the lowest score of the two (it is therefore to evolve to the same level). Also, properties with a lower rating (E, F, G) will gradually be banned from renting from 2025. Future purchasers and owners of theses types of properties must therefore plan renovations.
Another novelty is the fact that blank DPE are no longer allowed, a diagnosis must be made for all residential properties (except in exceptional cases), and the calculation from the invoice no longer exists because it is too unreliable. The new estimates now take into account the lighting, the quality of insulation, the type of windows and ventilation.

At Immobilier Chavanne Sotheby's International Realty, we strive to offer the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient properties, which is why the DPE is an important tool that we use in our selection of properties.