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With the increase of the usury rate on July 1, 2022, the granting of real estate loans will be boosted.

Faced with the rise in interest rates that is affecting access to home ownership, the usury rate will be raised by the Ministry of the Economy. The usury rate is the maximum rate at which a bank can lend to an individual. In concrete terms, the measure will increase the interest rate on loans of more than 20 years from 2.40% to almost 2.60%.

Faced with soaring interest rates and to avoid a potential crowding out effect (i.e. an increase in credit refusals), the maximum rate had to be raised. This will, for example, facilitate access to property for first-time buyers and boost the property market. As a reminder, general inflation is a boon for borrowers since their income as well as the value of their property increases while the monthly loan payments remain unchanged.

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